Oklahoma Supercomputers: World's Top 500

Oklahoma first appeared on the list of Top 500 World’s Fastest Supercomputers in 2002. Since that time, the state has been ranked in the top 500 more consistently than any other long-standing EPSCoR jurisdiction, with the exception of states with federally-funded national supercomputing centers. All of Oklahoma’s appearances on the Top 500 have been internally funded.

Statewide, Oklahoma’s supercomputing user density is nine times as high as that of the TeraGrid, a nationwide supercomputing metacenter made up of supercomputing resource providers at eleven institutions coast to coast.

OK EPSCoR is committed to increasing the state’s cyber infrastructure and Oklahoman’s access to supercomputing resources and training programs. For more information, contact Henry Neeman, University of Oklahoma information technology professor and OSCER director at hneeman@ou.edu.