OK NSF EPSCoR 2018 Annual State Conference: Presentations & Abstracts

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Conference Proceedings

Speaker Presentations

Poster Session

  1. Transcriptomic Signatures Reveal Biomarkers for Understanding Amphibian Stress
    Presenter: Timothy Clay, TU
  2. Resistance, Resilience, and Sensitivity of Gross Primary Production of Forests and Grasslands to Drought in the Ouachita Highlands of Oklahoma, USA
    Presenter: Russell Doughty, OU
  3. Unmanned Aircraft Systems for Severe Weather: Determining Sampling Scales
    Presenter: Benjamin Hemingway, OSU
  4. Life History Shifts and Distributional Patterns of Aquatic Isopods
    Presenter: Alex Hess, TU
  5. CLOUD-MAP: Collaboration Leading Operational UAS Development for Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics
    Presenter: Jamey Jacob, OSU
  6. Examining Hazard Vulnerability in Oklahoma Using Components of the Social Vulnerability Index
    Presenter: Lindsay King, OSU
  7. Analyzing the Evolution of Winter Storm Environments
    Presenter: Emily Lenhardt, OU
  8. Making Hard-to-Access Water Data in Oklahoma Readily Available to the Public
    Presenter: Shana Mashburn, OU
  9. Back to the Future: Using Tree Rings from the 1950s to Predict Present-Day Tree Mortality in the Cross Timbers of Oklahoma
    Presenter: Kaitlyn McNiel, OSU
  10. Importance of Environmental Weather Monitoring for Emergency Management in Oklahoma
    Presenter: Dolly Na-Yemeh, OU
  11. The Economics of Perennial Summer Dormant Tall Fescue and Annual Wheat Forage Grazing Systems in the Southern Great Plains in Relation to Climate Variation
    Presenter: Narayan Nyaupane, NRI
  12. Infrasound from May 11, 2017, Tornado in Perkins, Oklahoma
    Presenter: Christopher Petrin, OSU
  13. From Produced Water to Fresh Water: Energy’s Perspective
    Presenter: Khaled Sallam, OSU
  14. Improving the Quality and Reliability of the Oklahoma Rainfall Archive
    Presenter: Monique Sellers, OK Mesonet
  15. Does Anisohydric Behavior/Traits Assist Eastern Redcedar (Juniperus Virginiana) to Successfully Encroach into the Cross Timbers?
    Presenter: Patricia Torquato, OSU
  16. The Spatial-Temporal Dynamics of Open Surface Water Bodies in CONUS During 1984-2016
    Presenter: Zhenhua Zou, OU

Photos from the conference may be viewed on our Flickr Page.

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