Student Development: Postsecondary Outreach

Oklahoma NSF EPSCoR

EPSCoR supports initiatives that encourage college students to select and ultimately remain in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields. Recruitment and retention of postsecondary students in STEM fields are vital to building the human research infrastructure in Oklahoma.

Three adults standing next to one another, in front of a presentation board, smiling at the camera.Retention rates of outstanding STEM students in Oklahoma are increased through support of programs that promote early student participation in the university and STEM research community.  These programs include travel to meetings, academic tutoring and mentoring, workshops, research experiences and EPSCoR-sponsored conferences and events.

Additionally, the EPSCoR program has made a strong commitment to serve Oklahoma’s Native American population and other underrepresented groups in the state, including women, African Americans and persons with disabilities. EPSCoR initiatives are geared toward the removal of existing barriers that prevent recruitment, retention and graduation of these populations that are not well-represented in STEM fields. The program seeks to contribute to the success of these individuals, while remaining culturally sensitive.

Chancellor Glen D. Johnson recently spoke to EPSCoR State Conference attendees about the status of higher education in Oklahoma. Click here to view the presentation.

To find out more about postsecondary outreach programs offered by EPSCoR, contact Kaley Barnicoat, outreach coordinator at 405.744.7645 or VIew the outreach program brochure.