OK NSF EPSCoR 2017 Annual State Conference: Presentations & Abstracts

Friday, April 7, 2017


Conference Proceedings

Speaker Presentations

Poster Session

  1. Transcriptomic Signatures Reveal Biomarkers for Understanding Amphibian Stress
    Presenter: Timothy A. Clay, TU
  2. Constructing Gridded Daily Oklahoma Mesonet Data for Agro-Hydrological Applications
    Presenter: Kundan Dhakal, OSU
  3. Responses of Irrigated and Non-Irrigated Croplands to Drought and Drought Recovery
    Presenter: Russell Doughty, OU
  4. Effects of Climate Variability and Wetland Characteristics on Water Temperature
    Presenter: Julia Earl, OSU
  5. Oklahoman’s Conceptions of Resilience and the Importance of Preparedness and Social Capital
    Presenter: Benjamin J. Gray, OSU
  6. Utilizing Native Isopods to Assess the Connectivity and Quality of Oklahoma Groundwater
    Presenter: Alexander J. Hess, TU
  7. Socio-Ecological Modeling and Prediction: Economic Impact of Climate Change on the Implementation of Best Management Practices in the Fort Cobb Watershed
    Presenter: Leon Hounnou, OSU
  8. Response of Tallgrass Prairie to Drought
    Presenter: Lifen Jiang, OU
  9. Spatially Explicit Modeling of Switchgrass Net Ecosystem Exchange in Oklahoma
    Presenter: Vijaya Gopal Kakani, OSU
  10. Modeling Impact of Climate Variability and Change on Winter Wheat Production in Oklahoma
    Presenter: Vijaya Gopal Kakani, OSU
  11. Progress on the Kiamichi ENVISION Model
    Presenter: Ron Miller, OSU
  12. Multi-Model Projections of Climate Hazards Affecting Transportation in the South Central United States
    Presenter: Esther D. Mullens, OU
  13. Hydrologic Comparisons of Oklahoma Rivers
    Presenter: Cynthia Sanders, College of the Muscogee Nation
  14. Fire Shows Promise in Reducing Woodland Expansion in an Experimental Rangeland Within Oklahoma
    Presenter: Rheinhardt Scholtz, OSU
  15. Ethnographic Research in the Canadian Watershed of Northwestern Oklahoma
    Presenter: Michael Stanton, OU
  16. Woody Encroachment and the Ethnography of Community Composition in the Lower Cimarron Watershed
    Presenter: Tony VanWinkle, OU
  17. Land Use Patterns in Areas of Significant Water-Level Decline Within the High Plains Aquifer of Northwestern Oklahoma
    Presenter: Yun Zhao, OSU

Photos from the conference may be viewed on our Flickr Page.

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