OK NSF EPSCoR 2015 Annual State Conference: Presentations, Abstracts & Posters

Thursday, December 3, 2015


Conference Proceedings

Speaker Presentations

Poster Presentations

  1. Presenter: Rajen Bajgain
    Assessing Summer Drought Over Oklahoma Mesonet Sites with the MODIS Land Surface Water Index
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  2. Presenter: Jingnuo Dong
    An Approach to Revealing Meso-scale Spatial Patterns of Soil Moisture
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  3. Presenter: Jon Giddens
    Urban Forest Health and Mortality in the Oklahoma City Metro Region
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  4. Presenter: Chih-Yu Lai
    Spatial Interpolation for Temperature and Precipitation in Oklahoma Weather, Society and Government Survey
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  5. Presenter: Miriam Laytner
    “All That’s Left Are Memories”: Lake Sardis and the Reconstruction of Memories Regarding Water, Wetlands...

  6. Presenter: Jason Patton
    Towards a High Resolution Soil Moisture Map of Oklahoma
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  7. Presenter: Yuanwei Qin
    Oklahoma Map of Forest Cover at 30-m Spatial Resolution in 2010

  8. Presenter: Renato Rahal
    Streamflow Responses to Sea Surface Temperature Variations Across Oklahoma
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  9. Presenter: Michael Stanton
    The Kiamichi Watershed
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  10. Presenter: Mike Treglia
    Does Habitat Stability Promote the Loss of a Complex Life Cycle Stage in a Stream-Associated Salamander

  11. Presenter: Mike Treglia 
    Modeling the Current and Future Distributions of Juniper Spp. Across the Continental United States

  12. Presenter: Tony VanWinkle
    Ethnographic Research in the Upper Washita Watershed
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  13. Presenter: Jie Wang
    Mapping Red Cedar in Oklahoma from 1984 to 2010

  14. Not Presented

  15. Presenter: Justin Alexander
    Assessing Reservoir Operations and the Assoc. Changes in Water Quality on the Persistence of Stream Fishes

  16. Presenter: Brannon Daniels
    Declining Water Conditions and Recreation Demand at Oklahoma Reservoirs
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  17. Presenter: Holly Enlow
    Simulating Reach-Scale Sediment Reduction from Stream Stabilization (Fort Cobb Reservoir Watershed)
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  18. Presenter: Xijia Han
    Statistical Modeling for Spatio-Temporal Soil Moisture Data in Oklahoma
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  19. Presenter: Leon Hounnou
    Modeling Least Cost Selection of Best Management Practices to Reduce Soil Erosion (Fort Cobb Watershed)
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  20. Presenter: Whitney Lisenbee
    Evaluation of Field Jet Erosion Tests and WEPP-predicted Erodibility Parameters in Forests and Grasslands
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  21. Not Presented

  22. Presenter: Yao Zhang
    Gross Primary Production in Oklahoma from 2000 to 2014
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  23. Presenter: Jesus Zubillaga
    Value of Environmental Monitoring Information in Oklahoma Agriculture: A Research Perspective
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  24. Presenter: Benjamin Davis
    Analyzing Changes in Urban Areas Using Landscape Pattern Metrics
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  25. Presenter: Toni Klemm
    Improving Seasonal Climate Forecasts for Oklahoma Winter Wheat Farmers
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  26. Presenter: Daniel Logue
    Detection Estimates and Habitat Occupancy of Two Pelagic Broadcast Spawning Cyprinids
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  27. Presenter: Ronald Miller
    Drought-Influenced Low-Flow Non-Exceedance Plots for Selected USGS Gauges in Oklahoma
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  28. Presenter: Bharat Sharma Acharya
    Temporal Variability in Water Level in a Tallgrass Prairie and Juniper Woodland

  29. Presenter: Claude Buerger
    The LandSHIFT Model: Use and Applications in Oklahoma
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Photos from the conference can be accessed via our Flickr Page.